Pricing Information

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LABT Suite

(Includes Fundamentals Module for monolingual and bilingual employees + Bilingual Skills Building Module for bilingual employees; optional Bilingual Skills Assessment)

  • 1-50 employees = $35.00 per employee

  • 51-500 employees = $25.00 per employee

  • 501-1500 employees = $20.00 per employee

  • Over 1500 employees = $15.00 per employee

  • Bilingual Skills Assessment: Additional $75.00 per employee

Customization Services

The LABT can be customized to meet your agency, court or state's specific needs. Fees are based on the services requested. If you'd like to get an estimate for customization services or would like to try the Pilot Classroom Modality, contact:

Ready to order?

You are ready to order if you have shared the technical specifications with your IT department and you know how many employees you will be registering for training. You can easily add additional employees and Bilingual Skills Assessments later once your original order is placed.

If are not ready to order and have questions, please email:

To place your order, follow these simple steps:

Step IIComplete the order formThis form needs to be completed by the Court/Agency Administrator, i.e. the person who will manage the block of employees signed up for training in your state, court or agency and will track the progress of the employees signed up for the training.

Step II – Arrange payment method. Upon submission of your request, our staff will be in touch with you within 48 hours to arrange payment method.

Step III – Activate your account. Once your PO or payment has been processed, you will receive an automated message letting you know that your account has been activated.

Step IV – Enroll your employees and start using the LABT! You will receive instructions for enrolling your employees and managing your LABT account.