This 2-week self-directed course is offered by the New Mexico Center for Language Access in partnership with the National Center for State Courts.

This online course is available to court interpreter certification candidates. Course materials and the content will be available to students weekly and relevant homework assignments will be assigned. Students will have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and other students through a forum.



  • Participants will study a variety of commonly used legal terms.

  • Participants will improve their general vocabulary in English: use of synonyms, antonyms, slang, idioms, and formal vocabulary.

  • Participants will also practice and improve their skills in the three modes of interpreting.



Upon registration, participants receive a student packet with the syllabus and login information to access the course.
There is no fixed schedule. Participants do not have to be logged in at a specific time. A time commitment of at least 5 hours per week is required.

Participants will practice in the three modes of interpreting.

Participants practice and record their assignments using NMCLA's proprietary audio recording software. Other activities include readings, videos, forums, quizzes, and lessons.

While the online environment offers great flexibility, it is not for everybody. You are not required to have special computer skills, but moderate computer literacy is needed. Because most of our students have not taken online training before, we strive to make our courses user-friendly. However, as an online course, you may be challenged to use and develop new computer skills, you will not receive immediate feedback and your learning will be dependent upon the time you invest in the exercises and assignments. Please make certain that you are committed to both the work required and to making the online learning environment work for you.


You must be registered at least a week before class begins in order to participate.